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Masterlist of My Fics Mar. 21st, 2020 @ 08:21 am
{{Note this page is a WIP as I need to post & add *lots* eg}}


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Happy New Year \o/ Dec. 31st, 2016 @ 04:40 pm
Have to say I'm happy to say good-bye to 2016 =)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas - mine was good. I’ve been working a lot on top of being sick, so it's nice having the weekend off.

On fandom, I tried my best to finish and meet my goal for [info]getyourwordsout sadly I didn't quite make it. My final word count was 71,210 for the year. Not bad, as I'm close, but still no cigar. Oh well I signed up for it again and hope to surpass my 75k pledge for 2017. Sign-ups are happening now, it’s a wonderful comm that I'd highly recommend you join. It's full of motivation to help keep you focused and inspired to write. Note there’s no penalty if you don’t make your pledge - just resign up and try again, like I'm doing. You do need to check in every month, but really it wasn’t bad and helped keep me on track.

Main thing is I did write so I'm calling it a WIN!

I do hope to keep up the momentum and actually finish/post all the fics that I've been working on this past year that haven’t been posted - Muse willing I will =)

Hope you all have a good, fun safe night - Personally I'm walking away from the computer now and going to go fix dinner then chill and watch a movie. For me it's low key night at home since I've been sick, I don't even know if I'll make it to midnight – either way it’ll be 2017 in my neck of the woods in less than 8 hours *\o/* <33333333

FIC: Sences, 1/1 fandom: SGA (McShep, PG-13) Dec. 30th, 2016 @ 02:17 pm
Title: Senses
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing(s): McShep
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Due to an accident Rodney is deprived of his sense of smell.
Warnings: unbeta’d
Word Count: 1461
AN: Prompt by [info]brumeier: Any, Any, temporarily deprived of one of their senses, written for [info]comment_fic

1/1 )

FIC: When It's Right 1/1 fandom: Supernatural (John, Wee-Dean, PG) Dec. 25th, 2016 @ 08:40 am
Titile: When its Right
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s)/charater(s): John, Wee Dean
Summary: Pre-series: John takes Dean out to get a Christmas tree
Rating: PG
Word cound: 567
AN: Merry Christmas <333

1/1 )

Teen Wolf S6 and final season to premieres in Nov, brief writing/rl update Jul. 22nd, 2016 @ 09:17 am
Beware S6 teaser contains SPOILERS

Hmm, on one hand I am a bit sad because atm I'm writing in the fandom. However on the other hand, my interest and focus involves Peter and Derek Hale. Meaning I prefer to write/read earlier seasons, or AUs that continue to involve the Hales. I don't think this will affect my muse. (I have a muse for dozens of canceled shows )

In fact, my only muse bump regarding TW was recent when I was attacked over on AO3 from anon on tagging my fic: The fix-it plan, that I somehow soiled their Derek/Stiles tag by also tagging 3some, Derek/Scott, Scott/Stiles etc. IDEK…. It was the first time I’ve been attacked or flamed by anonymous. Sadly, because of other rl stuff going on at the same time they hit I wasn’t in a great place to just shake it off. I didn’t change tags, I just put up a note to why I put the tags in place and for those not interested just scroll on by: no harm, no foul, no worries! kind of thing then deleted the initial comments then proceeded to get 2 more. I haven’t deleted them, but thankfully I seem to have fallen off their radar. Since then I found other authors who were really hit way more than me (I got less than a dozen total, so in comparison not too bad). It’s just SO weird, this was on shipping entitlement not actual fic content, sex, violence, kinks etc… I mean the point of tags is to inform and if it’s not your thing to scroll on by o.O

Although it’s annoying as hell, I’ve finally let it go – in fact, my muse was sparked to continue the piece, but in a different direction then where I originally had planned to go – so I’m kind of excited about that. Outside of a loose note/outline on that, I need to put it on the back burner and get back to work on my bigbang. If that’s going to happen I really need to push and get the draft done. The draft due date is Aug 28th, but actually I only have until Aug 21st since I leave on vacation the 24th.

I’m going back east to be with family and finally going to bury my brother’s ashes on the 26th. So there is that….

Okay I have to run, waves, hope you’re all doing well,
<33333 & smooches to U ALL ^_^
Other entries
» FIC: Watching 1/1 fandom: Leverage (OT3 Alec/Eliot/Parker, PG-13)
Title: Watching
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Leverage
Pairings: Alec/Eliot/Parker, OT3
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Alec and Eliot have a conversation about Parker
Warnings: voyeurism/exhibition, 3some, implied past abuse, un'beta'd
Word Count 1,221
AN: Original prompt from [info]comment_fic Any, any/any/any, a love triangle is just a threesome that hasn't figured it out yet, by [info]daria234 - sigh, IDK, its where my muse went ;)

1/1 )
» FIC: Rebirth 1/1 fandom: Teen Wolf (Allison/Lydia, PG)
Title: Rebirth
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Allison/Lydia, mentioned: Allison/Scott, Allison/Isaac slight pre-slash: Scott/Isaac
Rating: PG
Warnings: Character death, un'beta'd
Word count 1,496
AN: Comment fic prompt I finally finished. Sadly I didn't jot down the date or the prompter who inspired me, sorry! The prompt was: any. any. Someone who died in canon, doesn't.

1/1 )
» FIC: Beware of Gifts 1/1 fandom: SGA (Lorne/Sheppard, PG-13)
Title: Beware of Gifts
Author: Denyce
Fandom: SGA
Pairings: Lorne/Sheppard, background: Ronon/McKay
Rating: PG-13
Summary: John and Evan have to deal with some unexpected new.
Warnings: MPreg, un'beta'd
Word Count 1,193
AN: Original prompt from [info]comment_fic Stargate Multiverse, Any, A gift for the fertility gods. And in my caffine deprived mind I rearranged the prompt to "A gift from the fertility gods. Oh well, for good or bad my muse was inspired.

1/1 )
» FIC: Officer and a Gentlemen 1/1 fandom: SGA (Lorne/Ronon, PG-13)
Title: Officer and a Gentlemen
Author: Denyce
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Lorne/Ronon, background: McShep
Rating: PG-13
Summary: AU, comment ficlet – prompt: Evan Lorne +/ any, An Officer and a Gentleman from [info]comment_fic
Word count: 1058

1/1 )

» FIC: Pet Academy: Everyone Wants a werewolf Pet 1/1 fandom: Teen Wolf (Stiles/Scott(pet), PG-13)
Title: Pet Academy: Everyone Wants a werewolf Pet
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairings: Stiles/Scott(pet-slave), mentioned: Stiles/Jackson(pet-slave), Allison/Isaac(pet-slave), Lydia/Jackson(pet-slave), Danny/Ethan(pet-slave), Parrish/Sheriff Stilinski/ Derek(pet-slave), Chris/Peter(pet-slave)
Rating: PG-13/R more for concept over hard kink.
Kinks: AU with werewolves kept as pet/slaves, dehumanization, collared pets kept on a leash.
Summary: An AU where werewolves are known and kept as pet/slaves. Stiles was happy; he and his pet Scott had survived and hadn't run into anyone he knew the first day at Pet Academy and thankfully everything had gone smoothly - until the end of the day when Stiles ran into the one person he had been trying to avoid, Lydia Martin.
AN: Sorry for the delay in posting here. This was origanally written for the Xmas excange over at [info]slaveexchange back in Dec, the prompt: Everyone wants a werewolf Pet. No promises, but I do hope at some point my muse will return long enough to write a spanking scene between Stiles/Scott ;)

Pet Academy: Everyone wants a werewolf Pet, On AO3

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» Pet peeve!

NO ONE & I mean no one should ever touch someone else’s laundry! And that's something I don't do unless they excessively exceed the time. In my complex they only have 2 washers/dryers for 18 units. I started early this morning after someone else. Someone forgot their laundry in the dryer, making me use one. There was no problem until I used both washers and my wash was done waiting on the dryers – I had like 10 minutes on the dryer and they weren't quite done. So I ran upstairs to finish folding then come right back down in the 5-10 frame.

While I was gone, bitch came and instead of empting the dryer that was done (& putting the dried clothes on the counter – that have been sitting done in the dryer for over an hour) to put wash in the dryer the bitch took my wet wash & put it on the counter!

What kills me I know her and have seen her leave her shit sit for an excessive long time - & she is excessive on soap. Basically she’s an unfriendly nasty bitch! The last actually is true even if I take out this laundry mess of the equation.

From now on, the old rule - the golden rule 'Do onto others as they do onto you' is now adapted to my new laundry etiquette for whenever I have to use the machines here – meaning I won’t wait NOT even 2 minutes to remove wet or dry clothes! I think I will have to bring a folding chair down and wait so NO ONE ever touches my clothes!

Did I mention this is a pet peeve, a major pet peeve –sigh- I'm so happy I rarely do laundry here and usually do whenever I'm house-sitting.
» Brief update, Medical help/beta, Anton Yelchin RIP
Hiya =)

Still here and going \o/

Going = writing, actually my muse has hit me and I'm writing all over the place in different fics, but I'm going to try and corral a few. Of late, my muse has gravitated to Teen Wolf. So I am writing a Sterek bigbang- and atm what I need help with is medical, maybe a medical beta? You don't have to be in TW, I just want to make sure it’s somewhat correct or at least within the right vicinity.

Character A gets hurt, shot left for dead bleeding out, but he has also suffered smoke inhalation and a few 2nd/3rd burns before they find him. In critical condition, he went through emergency surgery and is now in ICU. I just need help on any details and logistics I need to follow and time frame. I can give you a medical summary of sorts (or whole plot if you’d like –or not) of where I want to go - that'd be up to you. Again I'm looking for someone to just help me with medical aspect - or if you know of any lj/dw group/cite that could help me out...

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Other fics I’ve been working on, and have new words this month \o/
Note: highlighted are new fics (or new chpts), asterisks dirtybadporn that will be posted under my sockpuppet.
TW 3some 3.1k
SPN AU 762 wc
TW Allison/Lydia 948 wc
SGA Lorne/Sheppard 1.2k
*TW porn 3.9k
*CW rps porn 3.3k
TW 7.8k
*CW rps porn 775

Okay off I’m off to work

I'm still in shock over this - however my love, prayers & thoughts go out to his family/friends and to other fans – he will be MISSED!
RIP Anton Yelchin

» A new support group [info]yna_kof
So I've been meaning to do this for a long time - ever since the griefsupportgrp fell apart last year. I had joined because the last four years my life has has been nothing but grieving loved ones. Last year, losing my younger brother and only sibling after losing both parents, hit a new high. My want for a new group slipped out of my grasp as my growing depression and the difficulty to just keep going through the holidays became my daily priority.

This past weekend was the hardest as it was the 1st anniversary of my brother’s death and the last time I saw him alive.

These days if I stop and think about something then it just doesn't happen. So going on the spur of the moment I finally did it and created the group, [info]yna_kof Of course this is self-serving but I know so many of you are also going through your own private hell. Point blank, we're not ALONE. We can ALL use support!

So please go and join and spread the word. I will be tweaking the profile - if you have any thoughts/concerns/wishes you'd like me to add/address please PM.

I hope to see you there where we can create a safe haven to support each other, have a safe platform to discuss and unleash those negative voices in our heads, to KEEP ON FIGHTING!

» Still here & lookie I signed up!
My first Stiles/Derek with a couple of side pairings - a guess its a particle retelling of S1 & altering some of S2 =)

My current word count... drum roll.... 6870, here's hoping my muse sticks with me to complete the draft in time!

The Teen Wolf Big Bang dedicated solely to the pairing of Derek/Stiles!

Writer and Artist signups began: May 1st! Writers sign-ups end: May 31st, Artist sign-ups end: Aug 31st

Don't miss out on the fun! Join and/or watch Sterek-Big-Bang today!

PS: anyone interested in being an alpha reader? (Someone to cheer me on (poke me with a stick?), but also, read and send back comments for flow, plot, character voice etc - although no worries for grammar edits. I'll worry about getting a beta once the draft is complete ;)
» RL update - my brother's passing, Help 4 GOFUNDME, boost the signal
It's with great sadness that I have to say, my brother Jeff has passed away.

 photo Scan0001_1.jpg
Mom & Jeff

Long ass OMG family drama & why I disappeared )

So I decided to move forward. The reality is I need closure in a positive way! So I’ll be paying for a cremation, and in Aug (6th thru the 16-17) will go back east to be with family there, to those who remember Jeff the way I do and we can do some kind of memorial service.

This is where I swallow my pride and ask for help!Boost the signal, GOFUNDME & paypal )

Lastly and most importantly THANK YOU!!!! To each and every one of you on my flist, you and the fandom community who have really been there for me, been my family through all of this and I can’t thank you enough for your support, massive <333333

Much <3 Jeff, I truly hope & pray that you are finally at peace
 photo DSC_0084-8.jpg
» RL update
Morning *waves*

RLcatching up: vacation, family drama and other rl shit )

Okay I gotta blaze and get my ass to work. My next post will be fandom based on what projects I’m currently working on *smooches*
» It's still the 7th! - Signal Boost!
Fanworks Auction for [info]sylsdarkplace

The Fanworks auction for[info]sylsdarkplace is still running! The 7th is the last date to bid and win fics, art, betas, podfics!! Lots of great offers are still available, with all proceeds going go help sylsdarkplace in her battle with aggressive breast cancer.

If you're unsure about how a fanworks auction works, please check out the previous post at this community to see how the last auction was held.

Do feel free to promote this auction on LJ and elsewhere.

How to bid:

Please respond directly to the comment with the offer that you'd like to bid on. If someone has already bid on the offer, you may reply to the previous bidder's comment and offer a larger amount. On June 7th, you will be contacted sent you the info on how to make your donation. Once your donation is confirmed, the person who made the offer will be informed. Please leave contact info: you may leave your email ID in your comment or specify whether you'd like to be contacted via LJ PM instead.

Please do spread the word by linking to this post on your journal. You can also donate directly on the GoFundMe page if you'd prefer not to participate in the auction.

Please repost to assure this reaches the most people possible!

Browse authors, artists, and more!

Main Auction Link
» FIC: To Patch In 1/1 fandom: Sons of Anarchy (Opie/Jax, R)
Title: To Patch In
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Sons of Anarchy
Pairing(s): Opie/Jax
Rating: R
Characters: Jax, Opie, mentions of others Jax/Tara, Opie/Donna
Warnings: Un'beta'd, AU, collaring, mild puppy play
Word count: 3352
Summary: Jax realizes what he misses, Opie understands and offers him an option.
Notes: Placed in early S1. I started this a year or so ago. The bunny hit while marathoning the show, but I stall when I came to S5 and later. I have no idea if my muse will want to continue on- for now it is what it is, a one-shot.

1 of 1 )
» Teen Wolf - ISO someone to brain storm on a few stories
Hiya, so I'm playing with a few fics. Of the three I posted in TW I've been playing with the idea of continuing two. I'm just not sure where to go and wanted to brain storm and bounce around some thoughts/ideas around with someone. Or if you know of an active TW community here on LJ or on DW where I can post/ask for help?

The first is Peter/Scott. Initially it was a spanking porn one-shot bit inspired by a picture that reminded me of them. I've thought of doing more and even started writing a scene with Stiles and Derek; with Stiles pushing Derek to help him find Scott and protect him from Peter. Problem was I really didn't know where to go – whether Peter was evil or somehow redeem him, if the pairing was Peter/Scott, and Sterek, or have Derek rescue Scott and have it a 3some with Derek/Scott/Stiles... See my problem?

Next was pre-slash Stiles/Jackson, I had thoughts of more, but now I’m debating…

The third, I haven’t posted but will for [info]smpc at the end of the month (TW/SPN) Cut if you're not interested to brain storming and or don't want spoilers )

Note: if we haven’t worked together previously, and you really are interested: please read the other TW fics here on AO3 that I posted then go ahead and send me your thoughts on possible directions of plot/character etc at: denyce36 at yahoo dot com Once we’re communicating back and forth I’ll be happy to send the TW/SPN. The only reason for this is because I already have a couple of people who seemed interested prior to me sending it out, but since then I haven’t heard a peep. It gets frustrating. I'm really am looking for someone willing to voice their thoughts, and communicate back and forth with me. I will finish and post at the end of the month so no worries! I promise no one will have to miss out if you’re only interested in reading ;)

Thanks in advance! <333
» Please send good porny thoughts my way...
So it’s the 1st, happy May *waves* I do have a longer update in the works, but thought I'd post this (For accountability! So I finish to post or *fingers-crossed* it goes off to beta by the end of the weekend! & don't let it sit on my hard drive collecting dust!)

So I started these snips for the prompt box challenge, but le muse wanted porn- so yes I held off and didn’t post and will give it this weekend to get to the scene in my head ;)

So if anyone is interested in beta'n? Right now without the porn its 1.5k TW/SPN, pairing Dean/Derek (Alpha!Dean/omega!Derek) because ah the two of 'em hotness X a thousand! ^_^

Okay that is all- off to porn for an hour then off to work- Happy Friday & please use and hide behind cuts (NOT just locks, but a cut!) please for those of you off to see Age of Ultron =)

& this SO much ♥

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